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Re-writing my life & personal narrative. Top Writer in Music. Fiction writer, poet, musician, spoken-word guy, voice-over/audiobook guy.

Teenage Musical Rebellion: N.W.A’s “She Swallowed It.”

I used to love them, oooooh, but I had to…

Headnote: This essay originated as a direct response to Reuben Salsa’s own essay “You Suck. Suck It Hard. Go Down, Baby.”

On the Weaponization of Music by Adolescent Boys

There comes a time in teenage boys’ lives for developing their own identity. They embark on less than felicitous musical choices by distancing themselves as much as possible from their parents’ cultural — but especially musical — references; more often than not, the selection of songs blared in parents’ houses, within deliberate earshot, is designed to derange.

Being no exception, when I was 16, I weaponized music and would procure albums with «Parental Advisory» tags on them for the…

“New Skin for the Old Ceremony”: What You Thought You Knew, You Didn’t

A wolf in sheep’s clothing…

A few weeks ago, I dropped off the Medium writing map for various existential reasons, which would doubtless bore you all to tears, so consider yourselves respectfully spared!

However, during this hiatus, when I was supposedly closed for stock-taking, I was delightfully “interrupted” by the now-holidaying Noah Levy regarding whether I would like to guest-edit this week’s Greatest Hits.

Sometimes, all a writer “in crisis” needs is a good old terrifying push off a cliff and into the whooshing void of challenge.

However unprepared I felt, I tried my best not to stall too much before replying because I knew…

Riff Summer Challenge

Summer Challenge: The Talking Heads’ “Nothing But Flowers.”

Photo: author’s own; Cacela village as seen from the beach.

Of Music and Memory

Songs, in and of themselves, have been known to evoke many emotional states, but there are perhaps none so powerful as when a particular song is steeped in our own personal histories — like a sonic dream fragment, some emerge from the mist of their own time as signifiers, to become, to us, the signified; to become a vessel connected to whom we were at the time they first impacted upon us; especially if that time was during our adolescence.

Much in the same way, there can be few memories as potent and indelible as those of our teenage summers…

A Conversation About the Album

Album cover

For two men who are as media-shy as Nick Cave and Warren Ellis, events such as tonight’s candid conversation, recorded live — where the pair got together over a good old chinwag, answering fan questions, and also discussing their collaborative dynamics relative to their most recent album, Carnage — are a pure gem.

One thing I think gets particularly overlooked with the “Prince of Darkness” label cast on Nick Cave is the man’s sense of humor, and from the outset of the conversation, you can feel these two humble musical geniuses riffing off each other…

Incredible Cover Versions: “War Pigs” by Black Sabbath, covered by The Dresden Dolls

Screenshot from the Youtube video

“The Dresden…Who?

For those of you unacquainted with The Dresden Dolls, welcome: they are a phenomenon in their own league. Before we dive into their cover of Black Sabbath’s “War Pigs,” here’s a bit of history.

As two people who repeatedly hit things — but do so melodiously and in sync — they are a powerhouse of a duo, comprised of songwriter Amanda Palmer on vocals and piano, and a genius drummer, Brian Viglione.

More than just a band, and a very DIY, very fertile breeding ground for radically inclusive artistic communities, the Dresden Dolls were born in Boston from the ashes…

The Vatican urges Italian government to desist from anti- homophobia law.

Jesus’ face imprinted on the Shroud of Turin; Image from Wikimedia Commons Library

Freedom to Love Whomever, Revoked

It was a quiet Sunday night in Rome as three young men, Jean Pierre Moreno, his boyfriend and a friend waited for their train on a platform of the Valle Aurelia metro station, returning home from a birthday celebration.

As most couples do in public sometimes, Jean Pierre and his (unnamed) boyfriend sealed their affection with a kiss.

“What are you doing?! Aren’t you ashamed?!” a burly man shouted from the platform across them.

Probably rolling his eyes, grinding his jaw, and taking a deep breath — it had not been the first time, nor would it be the last…

Three Classic, Yet Lesser-Known Tracks

“As for the immediate future, Lou has no plans, but will become one of the world’s most influential artists.” Taken from his yearbook, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Five months ago today, I made one of the most important decisions of my entire life: I stopped drinking.

Over the last decade, I eliminated all my other addictions one by one (and trust me, they were many, though I was what is called a “functioning addict”). But it wasn’t until I eliminated alcohol that I realized how heavy and debilitating the damn thing is.

It is also way more insidious than, say, heroin, and a hell of a lot harder to quit. That may strike some of you as an outrageous claim, but here’s why it isn’t.

When you…

Pedro B. Gorman

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